Simple Outlook Mail Encryption

Perfect plugin for Outlook on Windows


This tool is for the combination of Windows and Outlook for business users!

Simple and easy form to encrypt email attachments with Outlook and the recipient does NOT need additional software.

Perfect for lawyers, doctors or CPAs!

Free download...

Encryption is a tough topic and the new European GDPR laws make it even more complicated. This tool is the best and simple solution for professionals, who need to encrypt attachments or whole emails with their customers! It appears as a simple button in your Outlook Mail window and protects attachments by a simple, single click. Nice!

It is not a cloud software, but a local program (a Plug-In you add to Outlook). It is currently only available on Windows, but for professionals, who need a simple solution, this is it! They have a free test version for download on the site and if you MUST encrypt, try it!